Salus Contempo LV5000 Mattress

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Salus Contempo LV5000 Mattress
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The Salus Contempo LV5000 mattress is a brand new 2016 specification Salus Contempo mattress that contains a total of 5000 individually pocketed springs which will move to the shape of your body where the most pressure is exerted. The pocket springs are encased in foam to give strength to the edge of the mattress and hold the pocket springs in place.

The LV5000 mattress contains a deep layer of natural latex which gives the mattress a more responsive feel. Latex is mould, mildew and dust mite resistant and ensures blood circulation stays optimal, so the body is able to fully relax. The latex is then topped with Viscool memory foam; Viscool is a new generation thermo regulating foam which contains a blend of sustainable natural raw materials including soybean oil and a refreshing natural balm which cools down and absorbs body heat for a deeper, more restful sleep. Viscool is a very durable, long lasting material and less dense than standard memory foam, so it recovers more quickly.

The Salus Contempo LV5000 mattress cover features ela stane to allow the cover to move to your body, stretching to reduce friction and allow the mattress to move to your shape. The mattress cover also features Tencel, which is of botanic origin, since it is extracted from the raw material wood. Fiber production itself is extremely ecofriendly, due to the closed loop system. On the day that the fiber Tencel was invented, a new chapter was written in the history of fibers. Textiles of Tencel are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.

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Lead Time 5-7 Working Days Dispatch